Happy New Year :)

What a first week back!! We have embraced all the new changes at Sandhill and we are loving it- especially our new topic!

All the children in Hawk Owls have worked so hard this week. Not only have we completed a few assessments,  but we have started to look at our new topic. For the next two weeks we are becoming geographers, focussing on the rainforest which links heavily to our text driver- ‘Jumanji’.

Today has especially fun for the children. We were highlighting the continents in the world by throwing  an inflatable globe around the tables- consequently, I got caught out (not concentrating) by the globe and I got hit in the head with it :/….highly amusing to all the children, of course (I also laughed…a lot).

The children have all returned to school with a fantastic attitudes towards their learning…Keep it up and we should have some AMAZING work to show 🙂

Miss Bailey

The offending object :/