Happy Holidays!

I’ll still be posting throughout the summer holidays and will try and answer any queries you have as soon as possible but I may not be able to respond as quickly as I normally do.

The official game of Spot the Teacher starts today – feel free to post any pics on the page if you manage to find them in the wild 😂

#highlightoftheweek #ReflectiveFriday

One more week to go! I feel like I blinked and this year disappeared.

Strangely enough – One of the highlights was getting drenched by the Y6s! 😂

The real highlight has been the transition mornings and seeing the children settle into their new classes and their new year groups!

They’ve really taken the mixed classes in their stride… we’ve talked alot about the fact that we belong together as a class and the year group doesn’t matter because each class is a team! A lot of work went into organising the classes but at the heart of the decisions were the  individuals and looking at their needs – not just academic but social and emotional as well!

Have a lovely weekend!

#PirateswithPizazz #highlightoftheweek #ReflectiveFriday

Goodness me! The highlight, hands down, has to be the Y6 performance! They definitely had piratical style!!!

Pirates of the Currybean made my cheeks hurt from laughing! They were all stars – every single one of them – The acting, the singing, the one-liners, the physical comedy! Amazing – simply amazing!

It couldn’t have gone ahead without the production team – A big shout to Miss PD who made it all happen & to all the teaching assistants who were creating props left, right & centre. Such a team effort!

In other news…I have been inundated with exceptional work throughout the rest of school! My proud cloud list is going to be so long next week…watch this space!