#Fridayreflections #highlightoftheweek

Where on earth did the last 2 months go?

My highlight this week has been seeing justvhow impressive KS2 were today – tackling first aid skills like nobody’s business! St John’s Ambulance said what wonderful children we have especially in Y3 and Y4! Well done 😁

Have a lovely half term break and we’ll see you back on the 6th November (Stay safe on Bonfire Night!l)

#Fridayreflections #highlightoftheweek

It’s Friday… again! I hope you’ve had a lovely week.

I’m really enjoying watching the blogs grow and develop! So much learning taking place.

My highlight this week has been listening to Special Mentions! All about super supporters and it’s amazing to hear how our Sandhillians look out for one another, cheer each other on and take care of each other!

Very heartwarming!

Enjoy your weekend.

#highlightoftheweek #Fridayreflections

What a great couple of weeks (despite the weather!)

Children are settling in, we’ve already had African drummers in and have some lovely things planned for the rest of the half term!

School has a really lovely vibe and the children are working their socks off! My proud cloud is gettibg very full 😊

My highlight this week has to be getting time to work with Barn Owls! What a marvellous bunch… they came up with some great questions to get our brains working hard in R.E #impressed

Enjoy your weekend!

#stayingsafe #digitalsafety

We’re just taking part in Digital safety training.

Please contact school if you have any concerns or queries about online safety.

This is a website that has been recommended for staff and parents.


Happy Holidays!

I’ll still be posting throughout the summer holidays and will try and answer any queries you have as soon as possible but I may not be able to respond as quickly as I normally do.

The official game of Spot the Teacher starts today – feel free to post any pics on the page if you manage to find them in the wild πŸ˜‚

#highlightoftheweek #ReflectiveFriday

One more week to go! I feel like I blinked and this year disappeared.

Strangely enough – One of the highlights was getting drenched by the Y6s! πŸ˜‚

The real highlight has been the transition mornings and seeing the children settle into their new classes and their new year groups!

They’ve really taken the mixed classes in their stride… we’ve talked alot about the fact that we belong together as a class and the year group doesn’t matter because each class is a team! A lot of work went into organising the classes but at the heart of the decisions were theΒ  individuals and looking at their needs – not just academic but social and emotional as well!

Have a lovely weekend!