#Fridayreflections #Highlightoftheweek

I know I say it all the time…but how has another week come & gone (at least we didn’t have a wet playtime this week!)

The highlight this week  (but shhhhh don’t tell the kids) has been two fold really.

First of all I’m getting to read some fantastic reports and I love reading the personal comments from the teachers and seeing just how relationships have developed over the year – I’m really proud of the achievements children have made!

Secondly our special end of year awards have been finalised and the letters should have gone out & I really enjoy seeing who has been put forward for the different awards… I think I would have probably got smiler or questioner (because I never shut up!)

Don’t forget I have my own parent awards too… I’ve got my eye out for Facebooker of the year and Tweeter of the year again! 😁

Enjoy the sun…and don’t forget the sun cream 🌞

#highlightoftheweek #ReflectiveFriday #sunshineafterthe rain

Wowzers… What a first week back!

Hmmmmm…my highlight this week?!?!

Definitely getting feedback from outside of school and their opinion of our lovely Sandhill lot- children and staff!

Barn, Hawk and Eagle all did fabulously at Elsecar and commented on how our children present themselves.

We had external monitoring this week and the content of children’s books was commented on – including how fab handwriting was!

Then finally our visit today from ASOS CEO – offered so much to school but then commented on how sparky and articulate our lovely Y6s are!

I love hearing how other people see are school – I know you will too!