#FridayReflections #highlightoftheweek

How could I forget to post this on Friday!

I’ve had a busy busy week with Mr. Bird’s Elf Owls – they’ve had a practice looking at types of papers we have to do in May…but WOW! The way they approached finding the answers (even when they were particularly tricky) amazed me…I loved watching how their brains work!

If they can apply this resilience and problem solving approach to life we definitely have a set of winners!

At the end of the day the score they get is just a number but how they learn to solve problems and overcome barriers are life long skills!

#fridayreflections #highlightoftheweek

Good evening!

So many fantastic things to think about this week…

Seeing so many happy faces at parents evening…Y6s ploughing through practicd papers in preparation for SATs…sharing the bedtime bag in nursery…Y3/Y4s winning at multi skills!

How could I possibly pick…but I’ll try…

Visiting nursery today was wonderful. My background is early years and I do miss being in that environment and working with these little people who love to explore and learn something new every few minutes! Owlets were an absolute delight and I can’t wait to get to know them better the longer they are in school!

Have a lovely weekend!