#highlightoftheweek #fridayreflections #goodtobeback

What a wonderful start back – the children have got straight back to working hard as if there hadn’t even been a holiday!

My highlight this week has to be around just how articulate our Sandhill lot are! I’ve had visits from Little Owls telling me about their writing (and leaving me little gifts).

I’ve had my Y6 playground buddies with great plans and I am thoroughly enjoying reading with some fabulous Y2s!

It’s definitely good to be back!

Roll on the spring term!

#highlightoftheweek #FridayReflections

Another half term comes to an end… and somehow we’re halfway through the year!

What a lovely week…especially getting to see our Y6s acting skills on Wednesday…having a disco boogie and a visit from a MP!

The highlight of my week has definitely been special mentions and listening to all the wonderful things that the teachers have said about our Sandhill children!

Listening to all the different reasons we have children to aspire to be like…hard-working… kind… resilient… caring… and the list goes on! So very proud of all the Sandhillians!